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A brief history of JSTM

On October 10, 1959, launched as a Study Group of Tropical Medicine.(For details, see The Inauguration and Development of JSTM or Newsletter of Tropical Medicine Research Society, the 1st issue of volume 1)

In September, 1960, at the 2nd annual conference in Kagoshima, decided to apply to join the Japanese Associate of Medical Societies (JAMS) under the present name

In 1972, became the 64th member society of JAMS.

In 1973, relocated its secretariat the Institute of Medical Science in the University of Tokyo to the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Nagasaki University.

In 1973, renamed the journal, NETTAI, Japanese Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

IN 1996, the 14th International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria(ICTM) was held in Nagasaki.

In 2004, renamed the journal, Tropical Medicine and Health.

In 2009, at the Annual Meeting held at Okinawa, JSTM celebrated its 50th anniversary.